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New in Tapware

By October 24, 2015April 28th, 2017Latest Trends

Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics strives to bring you products that are new and on trend to help you create design that matters.

If you are renovating or just wanting to make small changes, one way of updating your space easily without blowing your budget is to change items such as tapware. Tapware is one of the main touchpoints in your home and the latest in tapware design is at a Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics showroom near you.

The latest tapware trends allow you to be creative and experiment with different colours that you can mix and match to enhance your space.

Kitchen tapware Canberra & Laundry Tapware

Image courtesy Astra Walker

If you are after a classy and elegant touch, then add copper tapware will definitely become a feature and a statement piece in your area.

If you want something fun and adventurous then go for a bold colour such red or yellow. The latest trend in coloured tapware will definitely brighten up any bathroom or kitchen.

Canberra tapware trends

Image courtesy Streamline

Canberra latest trends in tapware

Image courtesy Streamline

Black and white is a fashion trend that never seems to go out of style. It is also one of this seasons latest trend in home interiors and allows you to add definition to your space without it dating too quickly.

Canberra store latest trends in tapware

Image courtesy Astra Walker

basin tapware Canberra

Image courtesy Astra Walker

Update your space today and come and visit us or contact us for more information.