Whether you’re fitting a new home or renovating your kitchen, you want an oven that looks and functions in the right way. It isn’t until many homeowners start to buy ovens for their home that they realise the many options they have. Freestanding ovens, double ovens, and standard ovens all have their place. To make the choice of ovens in Australia even more abundant, there are also, convection ovens, pyrolytic ovens, and those that use steam.

A standard single oven is, on average, 60cm in dimensions, and it operates using either electric or gas. A single oven takes up less room, leaving you more space for other things. Bigger models are available for cooks who like to entertain. Keep in mind that, with this kind of oven, you’re limited to cooking dishes at one temperature at a time.

A double oven gives you two sets of functions so you can do more at one time. Despite having two distinct ovens, they don’t take up a lot more space than a single oven. Usually, they are built-in wall models that fit one over top of the other. These ovens are a good choice for cooks who like to create numerous dishes at one time.

Freestanding ovens are units that aren’t built into the counter or wall and they also include the cooktop. These style ovens take up the most kitchen space, but they also have more options and functions. You might choose an electric or gas oven that includes a gas, ceramic, or induction cooktop.

When you buy ovens, you need the style and size that you will be happy with. Browse our range of ovens to learn more about your options. You want to find the oven that fits both your kitchen and your budget. If you have questions about our products, contact us today. We’re always happy to work with our customers to help them select products they’ll love!

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