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Thin Tiles in Canberra

The innovative manufacturing process of thin tiles allows for the production of porcelain panels that are very thin but extremely resistant and flexible.  These porcelain panels are extremely thin tiles, some with a thickness of less than 12mm.

At Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics, we’re great advocates of innovative design and technically advanced tiling solutions.  

  • VRE240-2 Large Slab Tile

  • VRE240-1 Large Slab Tile

  • Thin tile LCK60015-Arabesc

  • Thin tile LCK60021-Iron

  • Thin tile LCK60004- Grey

  • Thin tile LCK60030-Blk

  • Thin Tile LCK60011-Stat


What is a thin tile?

Thin tiles look similar to our regular tile collection options, but the thickness is significantly less than their regular counterparts. Thin tiles can range from 6mm to 12mm in thickness, making them a light and flexible option for your walls and floors.

What are the pros and cons of thin tiles?

Thin tiles are a lightweight option that can be installed where a heavier tile may not be appropriate. A thin tile is also a more flexible and affordable alternative to thicker tiles. Though thin tiles are still strong, they do have a lower breaking strength, so they would not be suitable for heavily used floors. Contact our team to find out if thin tiles would be right for you.

Are thin tiles better than thick tiles?

Each type of tile has its perfect uses, so while thin tiles might be better in some situations, others might require the use of thick tiles instead. To discover more about the benefits of using thin tiles in Australia, you can contact our team of experts in Canberra, who can assist with all the information you might need on the suitability of your wall or floor for thin tiles.

Can thin tiles bend over time?

If thin tiles are not properly laid with a strong and supportive base, there can be issues with bending over time. To ensure that your tiles have a proper lifespan with no issues in the future, you should check that your tiler has experience in laying thin tiles.

Do thin tiles break easily?

At Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics, we pride ourselves on providing quality thin tiles in Australia. Our focus is on innovation, which is demonstrated by the advanced technology our manufacturers use to produce the thin tiles. They’re as tough as thick tiles and do not break when laid correctly.