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Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics architectural lighting range has been chosen for the designer in mind. As we understands that designing and constructing a project requires the use of all the senses. We know how the products that designers choose will look, feel and wear into the future. Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics offer an expansive range of innovative indoor and outdoor commercial lighting solutions sourced worldwide for designers, architects, engineers and builders.

Our architectural range provides solutions for those who have a focus on quality and strive to provide their clients with aesthetically designed products that are innovative and offer high technical performance.

Explore light as an artform with the Cirillo range of architectural lighting solutions.

A modern and innovative structural space requires lighting that suits. Cirillo offers architectural lights for architects, interior designers, and clients who want something to mimic modern urban design and forward-thinking living.

Lighting sets the mood and can be used not only for its functionality but as an added accent for creative spaces. Using designer lighting helps to tie your architectural story together, providing plot points that entice and move all the senses.

Your architectural space craves an aesthetic that delivers a wow factor on all levels. From flush mount fixtures to attention-grabbing invisible lighting, you can achieve elegance and professionalism in any area you desire.

Using architectural lighting products helps to create uniformity of light throughout the room. Architectural lighting can help to highlight design elements in your space or draw attention to displays and focal points. Pillars, archways, staircases, and art sculptures can either disappear or clash with other elements in the room if the lighting isn’t right. By using smarter lighting strategies you can help to illuminate artistic elements or diffuse light in both exterior and interior rooms, creating the perfect harmony.

For architectural spaces with glass surfaces such as walls or reflective hallways, architectural lighting can be used as a way to create dimension or transform a space into a futuristic room.

Lighting can be a powerful tool, and its emotive use can affect the way people experience and interpret a space.

With the help of commercial architectural lighting, visionaries can use both artificial and natural light to change the way people interact with their urban design. From museums to office buildings and even modern houses, architect design lighting adds value and intrigue to your architecture, creating a space that is unique and unforgettable.

Use lighting to further expand on your progressive space. Visit a Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics showroom in Canberra to inspire you with creative ways to add tiles and lighting to welcome in any look that you desire.

Contact us and find the best designer lighting in Canberra to assist with your design concept.

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