Basins & Vanities

From classic to modern and design-led looks, Cirillo Lighting & Ceramics has a wide range of luxury bathroom basins and vanities to suit your home’s style. Your bathroom is the kind of space that you’ll want to make your own, and, with a wide range of bathroom basins and vanities, we can help you find the perfect bathroom items to give your bathroom the perfect finish.

Bathroom basins to suit every home

The right basin can make a big difference to your bathroom. Not only should you carefully consider the style, but also consider which bathroom basins will work in your unique space. Some of the most popular basin styles include:

  • Wall-hung basins

    — With space-saving and corner basins, these basins are perfect if you’re short on space and are hung from the wall.

  • Countertop basins

    — Sitting atop a countertop or vanity, these basins are a great statement and make for an interesting focal point in your bathroom.

  • Undermount basins

    — Mounted within or below your counter, undermount basins give the bathroom a clean, contemporary look.

  • Semi-recessed basins

    — These basins can be built into a countertop or vanity, but overhang the edge for a unique style.

If you’re thinking of replacing your basin, you don’t necessarily have to stick with the same style of sink you have now. It’s usually fairly straightforward to install a new type of basin, as long as the plumbing will fit into the existing space.

Bathroom vanities give you extra storage

We also have a wide range of bathroom vanities, which provide extra storage in your bathroom. Browse our range of bathroom vanities online, or if you’re looking for something truly unique, we offer custom-made vanities. Whether you like a contemporary, more rustic or traditional look, we can design your vanity in any material, including natural timber and can add practical features such as soft closing drawers to complete your unit.

Our bathroom basins coordinate with our range of bathroomware

Our bathroom basins and bathroom vanities can be matched with our wide range of bathroomware, including toilets, bidets, bathtubs, and other sanitaryware. This ensures your bathroom has a coordinated, well-designed look. You can also find bathroom products such as high-quality tiles, lights, mirrors and bathroom accessories both in-store and online.

Offering a wide range of bathroom basins, vanities, and more, discover our products online or at our stores in Mitchell and Fyshwick in Canberra. We’ll be happy to help you find the perfect basin so you can create your dream bathroom.

  • IA001 Basin

  • IA001MB Basin

  • IA001MW Basin

  • IA002 Basin

  • IA005 Basin

  • IA008 Basin

  • IA009 Basin

  • IA014 Basin

  • IA017 Basin

  • IA020 Basin

  • IG001 Basin

  • IG005 Basin

  • IG015 Basin

  • IG016 Basin

  • IS004 Basin

  • IS005 Basin

  • IS006 Basin

  • IS017 Basin

  • IS024 Basin

  • IS027 Basin

  • IS030 Basin

  • IS031 Basin

  • IS034 Basin

  • IS038 Basin

  • IA052 Basin

  • IA057 Basin

  • Burlington – Edwardian Basin

  • Rona Basin

  • Pura Basin

  • Feather Basin

  • Park Avenue Oval Basin

  • Palmero Basin

  • Formosa Basin

  • Elinea Round Basin

  • Elinea Square Basin

  • Novara Semi-Recessed Basin

  • Novara Semi-inset Basin

  • Prima Basin

  • Allure

  • Ashton Vanity

  • Henley Vanity

  • Victoria Vanity

  • Basins and Vanities G- 26000

  • Basins and Vanities G- 27075

  • Basins and Vanities G- 27035

  • Basins and Vanities G- 27040

  • Basins and Vanities G- 27045

  • Basins and Vanities G- 27085

  • Basins and Vanities G- 27095

  • Basins and Vanities G- 27080

  • Basins and Vanities G-04120

  • Basins and Vanities G-04040

  • Basins and Vanities K- 71014

  • Basins and Vanities G- 34050

  • Basins and Vanities G- 34040

  • Basins and Vanities G- 34030

  • Basins and Vanities G- 34020

  • Basins and Vanities G- 27050

  • Basins and Vanities G- 13040

  • Basins and Vanities G- 04330

  • Basins and Vanities K- 71043

  • Basins and Vanities K- 71033

  • Basins and Vanities K- 71023

  • Basins and Vanities G- 26040

  • Basins and Vanities G- 26060

  • Basins and Vanities K- 71031

  • Basins and Vanities K- 8mp

  • Basins and Vanities K- 71051

  • Basins and Vanities K- 71011

  • Basins and Vanities G- 04220

  • Basins and Vanities G- 27060

  • Basins and Vanities G- 04160

  • Basins and Vanities G- 26020

  • Basins and Vanities G-26050