We love to meet people who are passionate about high quality products and beautiful design. If you have an interest and would like to join a passionate team, we provide excellent career opportunities in retail, design, business development, project management and warehousing. Get in touch via the contact form below.

Want to join our team?

At Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics, we are committed to creating design that matters. We do this through our exceptional customer service, by going the extra mile and building relationships.

We strive to provide our customers with high quality products and most of all we are passionate about what we do.

Our Values

Customer Service

For us, this is about building relationships and keeping our word. We work with customers and talk about their needs. It is not always about making the sale. We will stay back after hours and go the extra mile to help make something unique.


Look after your family, be true to yourself and stay true to your vision. Commitment creates opportunity.

Innovation & Creativity

This is important to us and we have over time grown to offer expertise around design, architecture, construction and project management. We offer a holistic service.


We believe that you pay for what you get and we are committed to offering quality products. It is not about getting the cheapest price.

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