Floor Wastes

Floor wastes carry waste water out of your home. A bathroom floor waste carries water from the bathroom fixtures to the sewer pipe. Dry floor wastes are also used in rooms with plumbing to help drain water from the floor, and work by directly discharging the water into the ground outside of the room.

Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics carries a wide range of floor wastes for Australia’s homeowners and business owners. Modern floor wastes should look elegant when placed in your bathroom floor. Many of the available styles feature shiny chrome that looks great in modern homes or inset wastes that are concealed in the floor tile. You can also choose a waste made from matte steel.

Another choice you must make is between a circular or square waste. It’s a good idea to know the measurements of where the waste will fit. The right design will fit easily into your existing space. Choose a square or circular design that looks like it belongs in the available space in your bathroom floor design. Standard floor wastes are either 80mm or 100mm in connection size whether they are square or round.

Many of our bathroom floor wastes are made with solid brass construction. Brass is a highly durable metal that results in a long service life. Once you install your new drain waste, it will last for years without breaking or disintegrating.

All the floor wastes at Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics are quality products designed to give you years of service. We also strive to give you environmentally friendly products too, and we offer a variety of styles and sizes that meet every need.

Browse our range of bathroom floor wastes for the design that matches your bathroom. Choose from shiny or matte metal finishes, circular or square designs, and the patterns that you like the best. Let us know if you have questions. We work with our Canberra customers to help them get the high quality products and the beautiful designs they need.

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