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Door handles are often unseen, but they are some of the most used objects in a building, whether commercial or residential. They are regarded as high touch point objects. You can create good first impressions with unique and beautiful door handles that force your visitors to do a double-take and appreciate your sense of style. 

Here at Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics, we have a range of premium door handles and door furniture pulls to match your taste and preferences. Our door handles are elegant and can fit into any architectural style; traditional and contemporary.  We have an impressive variety of styles, colours and finishes for door handles. These are elegant and timeless door handles that will remain fashionable for a long time. Our door handles are designed to visually impress while remaining functional and durable. These door handles are also designed for easy installation and integration with door locks for a smarter look.  Our door hardware Canberra offers are from the best and most trusted manufacturers with a proven record for quality and reliability. 

If you are not sure of the door handle that you need, do not worry. Our door hardware experts have done plenty of research and we stock the best door handles Canberra has to offer. Whether you need front door handles for an office door or a mansion, you are looking for something that works best for you and other people walking through the door. Our experts will guide you to the best choice. 

At Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics, we have a range of door handles and door furniture that will fit any traffic for your building; office block, apartment block or townhouse. You can’t go wrong with our doorknobs Canberra offers. There is an experienced professional to advise on the kind of door handle you need depending on foot traffic and architectural style. You can choose opulent polished brass, brushed chrome, gunmetal, rose and other varieties of colours that also come in curvy and geometric shapes. 

Here at Cirillo Lighting and Ceramic, we are always happy to hear from people looking for unique, beautiful and durable door handles and other door furniture. Visit our stores in Fyshwick and Canberra for a talk. Call us any time and let us hear about your door needs.

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Door Furniture

The finishing touches are everything in designing and enhancing your space.

Think about the touch points in your space. Door handles and door furniture are one of the most used touch points in both commercial and residential environments. From opening your front door at home to opening up your office space.

Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics provide customers with a premium range of door handles, and door furniture pulls.  From the unique to the timeless and elegant, we offer a premium selection of Italian fittings that are architectural and contemporary in nature.

Our products come in a wide range of styles, colours and finishes. This includes sharp and contemporary lines that are architecturally inspired to the elegant and timeless pieces that will never go out of style.

You can choose from a wide range of door or cupboard pulls to all sorts of door handles, locks and accessories. These items are created by a leading group of internationally renowned designers who are committed to design elegance.

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