How to Shop for Bathroom and Kitchen Lighting in Canberra

It can be extraordinarily difficult to find quality lighting for the home in which you live. We don’t mean it’s hard to buy light bulbs—those are easy enough to find. The trick is to find lighting that is both functional and appropriate for your …read more.

Finding Bathroom and Kitchen Lighting in Fyshwick Just Got Easier

Every area of your home is special, and it should feel that way. No matter what room you’re spending time in, you ought to be comfortable there. That means you’ll need to establish an atmosphere that puts you at ease and helps show you the …read more.

Mosaic Tiles for Your Kitchen and Bathroom in Canberra

Maybe you’ve been designing the perfect home and you’ve paid lots of attention to the lighting. That’s great because good lighting is an important part of setting the tone for any room. The same goes for wallpaper, fixtures, and many other important …read more.

Bathroom and kitchen tiles from a variety of mosaic tiles and other tiles in Fyshwick

You’re ready to ‘say’ something new. This past year has brought with it lots of changes in your life – including this beautiful craftsman style fixer-upper. Your new job, your new town and your new house are all different and new. It’s still you …read more.

Style Your Home Just the Way You Like with Floor, Ceramic, Wall and Outdoor Tiles in Canberra

As time progresses, trends change and your personal preferences will no doubt evolve at the same time. It’s nice to revamp our homes from time to time to keep things feeling fresh and ensure it’s a place we can enjoy some relaxation, but …read more.

Call Cirillo When You Need Pendant or Other Modern Lighting in Fyshwick or Canberra

The lighting in your home in Fyshwick or Canberra is old dingy and very dated. It does not provide the right amount of light, and there are dark places where you struggle to read. You are happy with all of the other aspects of the house but …read more.

Tile Shops around Fyshwick: Where to Buy Ceramic and Outdoor Tiles

There are many tile shops near Fyshwick. But there is one that has been providing a quality range of products at affordable prices since 1978, Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics. We have provided tile and design services to your friends and neighbours …read more.

Why So Many People Buy High-Quality Tiles from Reputable Tile Shops in Canberra

Your property is there to keep you and your valuables safe, but it’s also your private canvas upon which you can create a stylish property that appeals to you. Everybody has their unique tastes and style, though bringing the ideas in your …read more.

Let wall tiles and floor tiles in Fyshwick reflect your aesthetic

Your home tells your story. Every room expresses a bit of your identity. Whether the room says, ‘this is where I knit my children’s sweaters’ or ‘this is where I listen to my favourite nineties music’ or ‘this is where we gather to eat, share …read more.