Toilet Roll Holders

Toilet roll holders don’t always get a lot of consideration during a bathroom remodel, but this is a pity. Not only do they play a huge role in the functionality of your bathroom; they also contribute to its design. Our broad range of toilet roll holders in Australia includes the most elegant, ornate holders for those bathrooms with grander designs. We also offer some of the basic styles that make it easy to place the toilet paper in just the right spot!

When you buy toilet roll holders, start by thinking about the best place to put it. Consider the optimal distance from the floor and from the toilet. You need to keep the heights and any disabilities of your family members in mind. If you have kids, a taller holder might be out of their reach. Is there a good spot to mount a toilet roll holder on the wall or cabinet?

We offer some of the most elegant and interesting designs available on the market. We also get our products from some of the leading brands. Your choice of toilet roll holders is an investment into your bathroom. Make sure you base your choice on all the factors that will determine usability and style

Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics is your resource for all types and styles of toilet roll holders in Australia. Browse our collection and make every detail of your new bathroom as perfect as the rest.

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