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Many of Australia’s premium establishments have achieved their unique looks using decorative and stunning mosaic tiles.  These beautiful tiles are ideal for decorating practically any space at home; kitchen, bathrooms, and outdoor areas such as swimming pools. Here at Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics, we have a range of textures, sizes and colours that will fit your unique tastes and preferences from classic oriental to contemporary edgy styles. 

Mosaic tiles Australia decorations have been all-time popular because of their incredible range of options enabled by the variety in size, shape and colour; it sometimes feels overwhelming. A high skilled tile mason can do amazing things with mosaic tiles. They have a unique interplay of light which creates visual effects that are impossible to create with other types of tiles.  They can also create a variety of patterns; fans, diamonds, geometric shapes like squares and hexagons. The creativity that is possible with mosaic tiles is amazing. 

Are you thinking of a unique style to match your luxurious décor theme?  You can talk to our tile experts in our Canberra store for a tailor-made solution. We offer a design and manufacture solution that allows you to choose a tile design which we manufacture specifically for you. This can be done for both residential and commercial orders.  You can integrate these bespoke mosaic designs into any residential interior décor, or commercial facades. 

What size is your tile project? Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics can handle both large and small projects in whatever design you want. Our experts are glad to help you choose the right size and shape from a technical point of view. We also have décor experts to help you pick the right colour. This will be done in consideration of the lighting available and the visual effects desired. You can buy mosaic tiles for very friendly prices even for bespoke solutions. 

Are you planning a tile project?  Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics is happy to work with you for a bespoke solution.  You can visit our stores in Fyshwick, Canberra and Sydney to have a close up feel of the options available. Your orders will be delivered anywhere in Australia. What does your dream tile décor look like? Contact us to make it a reality.

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Mosaic Tiles for Your Kitchen and Bathroom in Canberra

Maybe you’ve been designing the perfect home and you’ve paid lots of attention to the lighting. That’s great because good lighting is an important part of setting the tone for any room. The same goes for wallpaper, fixtures, and many other important decorative considerations. In rooms like the kitchen and bathroom though, there’s one more thing you should always consider when putting together the perfect space. Can you guess what it is? Look around you. Now look down.

Tiles often go overlooked when people are designing kitchen or bathroom spaces, but this is a mistake. Yes, they’re underfoot—but that doesn’t mean they’re likely to go unnoticed by your guests. If you don’t believe me, think about how often you spend looking down on any given day. If that seems difficult, then consider this: how often do you pull out your smartphone, check your watch, or reach for an object on a counter? Unless you keep all those things in places higher than your head, you’re probably looking in the direction of the floor an awful lot. The same is even truer in kitchens and bathrooms, which are full of appliances and objects below head level.

Choosing kitchen or bathroom tiles in Canberra can be daunting, but that’s because it’s not always easy to find something that compliments your space. With all the different styles of architecture, colours of paint and lighting choices out there, there’s no such thing as generic or standard tiling anymore. Whatever you choose for bathroom and kitchen tiles in your Canberra home has to be informed by the rest of the space. That’s why you’ll need to shop with people who can help you find the best choices.

Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics is one of the best choices for kitchen or bathroom tiles in the Canberra area. Since 1978 we’ve made it our goal to stock an unbeatable variety of high-quality products for homeowners who want their spaces to look just right, and our tile collection upholds this tradition. You’ll find incredible options including ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone like marble, travertine and granite. There are also mosaic tiles, for those of you who are seeking an unforgettable designer look.

Mosaic Tiles Make Your Canberra Home Stand Out

Mosaic tiles differ from our other options in that they create a unique pattern or picture on your floors. At Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics, we offer a wide range of colours, textures and sizes so that you can create the perfect mosaic for any room. Particularly popular in kitchens and bathrooms, this option can add personality to a space. Once you choose your design, we’ll manufacture it specifically for your kitchen or bathroom.

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We’re always looking forward to helping new customers find the home improvements they’re after, so don’t hesitate. Call or visit Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics at your earliest convenience, and let us help put something under your feet that will make you happy to look down.


What are the pros and cons of mosaic tiles?

Mosaic tiles add depth and texture to your room’s interior décor style. With their intricate design and delicate finish, you can create any number of looks when you choose to incorporate mosaic tiles into your overall design. Though the installation may be a little more tricky than other tiles in our collection, there is great decorative value to be achieved when you buy mosaic tiles from Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics.

Do mosaic tiles need to be sealed?

For a non-slip finish that protects your flooring for years to come, mosaic tiles should be sealed after installation. By sealing mosaic tiles in Australia, you will protect them from harsh climatic temperatures, keeping them in the best shape possible.

Do mosaic tiles need grout?

For structure, support, and to keep your tiles in premium condition, mosaic tiles in Australia are best laid with grout. A specific type of grout is used when laying mosaic tiles, which is best suited to their small size. Contact our team of tile experts for more information on the right grout to use when you buy mosaic tiles.

How do I maintain mosaic tiles?

Maintaining mosaic tiles in Australia is a quick and easy process that simply requires regular cleaning. It is the philosophy of Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics that we sell nothing but the best, so you know you will be investing in premium quality tiles that are easy to maintain for the longest possible lifespan.

Can mosaic tiles be used outside?

You can buy mosaic tiles that are specifically designed for outdoor use from our tile collection. Browse the outdoor collection online or visit our stores in Canberra to discover which outdoor mosaic tiles will complement your space.