Rangehoods do a lot to draw out food odours from your house and keep your smoke alarms from going off. They even help you with the cooking by taking the heat out of steam and fats. When you buy rangehoods for a new kitchen or to replace an old one, you need the right style for your kitchen.

Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics is your resource for all types of rangehoods in Australia. Some work by recirculating air while others use a duct system. The latter styles do the best job by pulling odours to the outdoors, but they usually cost a little more. Recirculating styles pull the smelly air through filters to remove odours, then return it to the kitchen. These rangehoods also require regular filter changes to keep them operating at their best.

Your budget and your existing rangehood will help determine which type to buy for your kitchen. You also need to know what size you require. Rangehoods generally come in 60cm or 90cm width. The correct width depends on the type of cooktop you have, and the hood should completely cover the cooktop to ensure it captures all the odours.

Most often, homeowners buy rangehoods in a canopy style, with the appearance of a freestanding flue. The advantage to buying canopy style rangehoods is that they typically cover the entire cooktop area.

Undermount is another style of rangehood that is growing in popularity. People like them because they are somewhat hidden. The drawback is that they might not work as well as canopy styled ones because they don’t cover as much of the cooktop.

Other models of rangehoods that are popular in Australia include fixed models, retractable, and downdraft ventilation. If you’re confused about the different types of rangehoods, give us a call. We’ll help you make a choice in a rangehood that you’ll be happy with for a long time!

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