Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles have seen a comeback in popularity in Australia as more people rediscover the easy elegance of these decorative and functional tiles. Here at Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics, we have a range of terrazzo tiles for both commercial and residential spaces. We are among the top terrazzo tiles Australia vendors.

Terrazzo has been used for hundreds of years for flooring, walls, benchtops and countertops. The Italians discovered it hundreds of years ago but terrazzo can now be found in residential, commercial and public spaces all over the world.  Terrazzo tiles Australia designs can be found in some of the most prestigious establishments in the country. 

The traditional way of making terrazzo was by mixing marble chips, ground glass, quartz and granite. This mixture is laid onto concrete and polished, sandblasted or honed for the desired finish. Our modern terrazzo tiles Canberra stock come in a variety of colour and texture for different spaces including outdoors. Terrazzo look tiles Australia designs have once again found their place in high-end residential spaces as well. 

Coloured terrazzo tiles give you versatility in décor because they can be used practically anywhere in the house; kitchen, bathroom, hallways and even the living room. They are easy to work with because they are easy to cut when setting.  The mason can make different terrazzo tiles of different thickness for different spaces. Thin terrazzo tiles will be good for a bathroom wall, while a kitchen countertop will need thicker terrazzo tiles to withstand harsh use. 

Our Terrazzo tiles Fyshwick stock can also be finished to suit different décor styles; colourful porcelain terrazzo tiles with a smooth high shine work well for the living room wall, while the rough texture neutral-coloured terrazzo tiles will fit in a professional office hallway floor. 

At Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics, we stock only the highest quality terrazzo.  Come and talk to our experts for high quality but affordable alternatives for both commercial and residential spaces. You can visit our stores in Canberra and Fyshwick for a close look at what is on offer and talk to our experts on your tiling ideas. 

Are you looking for a classic tile with contemporary looks?  Talk to us on using terrazzo tiles to make your spaces look beautiful, unique with unmatched class.

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