Shower Heads & Mixers - View the entire range in store

You want your shower experience to be an invigorating and revitalising one thus you expect the tapware and showerhead that you use to give you high performance power as well as look good.

You might like a shower mixer or a traditional tap set to experience a tropical waterfall as you step into the shower. As you feel the warm water pour down, you look up and see either a wall mounted or ceiling rain showerhead sending beads of water on you. You like the coverage and the sleek profile of these showerheads whilst knowing that they are still eco-friendly.

You might prefer removable nozzles and hand held shower rails. These shower tapware fittings are fixed directly to your bathroom wall. The shower head piece is either fixed or connected to a hose that sits in an adjustable cradle where the angle of water spray and height can be adjustable for each individual user.

Our showerheads and tapware can also be matched with other tapware pieces to make your bathroom have that coordinated designer look.