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When you turn on the lights in your room, what would you like to happen? Should spotlights on your wall draw the eye to a striking sculpture, or should recessed wall light fittings create the perfect evening ambiance to relax in? Maybe discrete wall lighting could bring attention to the unique architecture of your house?

Perhaps your perfect lighting would simply make your work desk usable in the evening, without the need to turn on any extra table lamps.

Designer Wall Lights for Every Style

The versatility of wall lighting means that it can provide either general lighting or accent lighting. Recessed wall lighting can add the perfect amount of light to a room but still remain unobtrusive and unimposing, while designer wall lights can be a striking feature on their own, their unique style standing out in contrast to a flat wall.

No matter what your preferred design style is, Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics has something for you. Maybe you are after the latest trends with a contemporary edge on your modern wall lights, or maybe you are looking for more traditional wall lights featuring vintage glowing filaments of years gone by. Whatever you need, we have a vast range of ceramic wall lights in Australia to suit your rooms.

Our range of wall lights includes recessed wall light fittings, vanity lights, spotlights, wall bracket lighting and picture lighting. If you need something for your outdoors, or want ceiling lighting, our full lighting range has you covered. All of our wall lights in Canberra are sourced from Australian and international manufacturers, focusing on those that use recycled materials and eco-sustainable products.

Buy Wall Lights in Fyswhick and Canberra

If you are ready to brighten your rooms then a visit to a Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics showroom is a must. The wonderful team in our Fyshwick and Canberra stores are there to help you not just pick a fixture, but to create a customised package that meets all your lighting needs.

When you buy wall lights, you shouldn’t just pick a light off the shelf. Contact us at Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics and we will find the perfect wall lighting to brighten your room.

  • 98265 Wall Light

  • 97886 Wall Light

  • 97241 Wall Light

  • 96064 Wall Light

  • 96019 Wall Light

  • 94107 Wall Light

  • 93994 Wall Light

  • 93319 Wall Light

  • 85979 Wall Light

  • 49468 Wall Light

  • Esra Wall Light

  • Avera Wall Light

  • Dash Wall Light

  • Riva Wall Light

  • Rye Wall Light

  • 98422 Wall Light

  • 96274 Wall Light

  • 94831 Wall Light

  • 94714 Wall Light

  • 94792 Wall Light

  • 94989 Wall Light

  • 84028 Wall Light

  • 83433 Wall Light

  • 43046 Wall Light

  • 32917 Wall Light

  • Davos Wall Light

  • Athens Wall Light

  • Strung Wall Light

  • Seattle Wall Light

  • Pure Wall Light

  • Nexus Wall Light

  • Karma Wall Light

  • Meti Wall Light

  • Tippy Wall Light

  • Strap Wall Light

  • Pop Wall Light

  • Trooper Wall Light

  • Daytona Wall Light

  • Aliano Wall Light

  • Chester Wall Light

  • Brighton Wall Light

  • Wall Lighting Acheos

  • Wall Lighting App

  • Wall Lighting Four

  • Wall Lighting Cross

  • Wall Lighting Viki

  • Wall Lighting Twister

  • Wall Lighting Kubik

  • Wall Lighting Jackie

  • Wall Lighting Ypsilon

  • Wall Lighting Disco