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Outdoor and exterior lighting is essential for lighting paths and driveways as well as adding that much-needed security around the exterior of your home at night.

We have a large range of quality lighting solutions and options for alfresco and garden lighting. Including security and sensor lighting, garden lights, outdoor lamps, outdoor wall lights, and bollard lights.

  • 96019 Wall Light

  • 94107 Wall Light

  • 93994 Wall Light

  • 93319 Wall Light

  • Avera Wall Light

  • Dash Wall Light

  • Riva Wall Light

  • Rye Wall Light

  • 96274 Wall Light

  • 94831 Wall Light

  • 94792 Wall Light

  • Maze Outdoor Light

  • Canto Outdoor Light

  • Arki Outdoor Light

  • Fold Outdoor Light

  • Zero7 Outdoor Light

  • IGLSQSS Inground Outdoor Light

  • IGM2SS Inground Outdoor Light

  • Bollard Outdoor Light

  • Newport Outdoor Light

Create a beautiful outdoor space with our garden lights collection

Your backyard should be an extension of your home – beautiful, relaxing, and reflective of your personal sense of style. At Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics, we enable you to create the beautiful outdoor space you have always wanted, with one of the most desirable collections of exterior lighting in Australia.

We believe that outdoor lighting needs to be beautiful as well as highly functional. Our modern outdoor lighting is designed to be an aesthetic feature in its own right, making your garden a highly attractive place where you will love to spend your evenings.

Modern outdoor lighting to suit your style

Whatever your tastes, you’re sure to find garden lights here that will enhance the appearance of your backyard and coordinate with the architectural style of your property. From streamlined, minimalist wall lights through to in-ground lights and even outdoor pendant lighting, our exterior lighting solutions will give your property a whole new look and feel.

As well as offering beautiful designs, our outdoor lighting is also highly functional, enabling you to make the most of your outdoor space after dark, as well as improving your home security. And when it comes to caring for the environment, we can help you reduce your carbon footprint with one of the most extensive and attractive collections of solar garden lanterns in Australia.

Whether you want to highlight a particular area of your property or make the whole of your backyard a light, bright space ideal for entertaining guests, our experts can help you choose the perfect outdoor lighting solutions.

And we don’t just stop at the outdoor areas of your property. Our exterior lighting collection is designed to complement our vast offering of lighting and tiles for every area of your home, helping you to create a beautiful, stylish space inside and out.

Shop outdoor lighting Canberra

We have been at the heart of the community in Canberra since 1978, and our business has evolved along with the tastes of our customers. We are ideally placed to provide the outdoor lighting Canberra homeowners want.

If you would like to discover our beautiful outdoor lighting range for yourself, you can visit either of our Canberra showrooms at Fyshwick and Mitchell, or please contact our team for more information – we are always happy to discuss your needs.