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Cirillo has the most exquisite selection of interior and exterior lighting in Canberra, intricately designed to blend aesthetics with unmatched functionality to illuminate your space. From alluring pendant lights to sleek contemporary floor lamps, we have everything you need to uplift your interior style. 

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Illuminate your space using the finest lights and lamps from Cirillo

With the right lighting, you can set the mood of any space. Whether you want to establish a cosy atmosphere for your café or create a bright environment for your home office, you can browse Cirillo’s lighting store in Canberra to find what you need.

Do you prefer the subtlety of light illuminating from discrete areas? The recessed lights in the walls will give the perfect amount of light whilst still being unobtrusive and unimposing. Are you imagining creating definition and accentuating your staircase with the use of invisible stairwell lights?

Imagine the environment that surrounds you. What is it that you want to see or change?

Are you picturing a grand entrance where as you walk into the foyer, your eyes look up to the chandelier that suspends like a masterpiece from the ceiling? Is it the traditional elegance of a hand blown Italian glass light fixture that creates the focal point in the room?

Perhaps your eyes wander towards the clean and modern lines of contemporary flush mount wall lights. Or the gallery style large pendant that tastefully suspended over your staircase. Your floor and table lamps create architectural aesthetics in that reading nook or on your bedside table. And the energy-efficient LED downlights create a feature for your gallery that spotlights your works of art.

The LED strip under top mounted cupboards in your kitchen, lights up your benchtop. And as you walk outside the focal point in your outdoor space is a sculptural outdoor floor lamp that creates a unique element to your outdoor space.

Do you prefer the subtlety of light illuminating from discrete areas? The recessed lights in the walls will give the perfect amount of light whilst still being unobtrusive and unimposing. Are you imaging creating definition and accentuating your staircase with the use of invisible stairwell lights?

Light up any room the way you want it

At Cirillo, the possibilities are endless in illuminating your space.

We recognise that everyone has distinct preferences for shaping the mood and illuminating their surroundings. That’s why we offer a bespoke range of lighting solutions tailored to suit people’s individual tastes and unique lifestyles.

We have geometric lighting fixtures loved for their clean lines and modern-day charm, perfect for making bold statements in contemporary layouts. Our lighting store in Canberra also offers an exceptional array of floor lamps with metal construction, making them a great fix for industrial settings. You can also lighten up your living room or reception areas with our stylish display of table lamps.

Want to embellish your home or commercial buildings with modern-retro fixtures? We have strung wall lights made from antique bronze that are best paired with vintage light bulbs. Cirillo also has a collection of architectural lights suitable for smart homes or any setting with a futuristic interior or exterior design.

The possibilities are endless in illuminating up your space. If you want to enliven your environment and brighten any room then a visit to a Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics showroom can inspire you. We stock an expansive range of interior and exterior light solutions in Australia from leading Italian and other international manufacturers. We have quality and exclusive lighting products that you won’t find at any other lighting store.

Call Cirillo When You Need Pendant or Other Modern Lighting in Fyshwick or Canberra

The lighting in your home in Fyshwick or Canberra is old dingy and very dated. It does not provide the right amount of light, and there are dark places where you struggle to read. You are happy with all of the other aspects of the house but just haven’t been able to get the lighting right. Until now.

Once you visit Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics, you will realise that there are elements to lighting that you never even knew existed. We will explain to you the different types of modern lighting fixtures and in what particular applications they will fit the bill. We may have you draw us a quick diagram of those problem lighting areas and what activities generally occur there (or that you wish could occur there with proper lighting).

We can open a whole new world for you by showing you exciting pendant lighting in Fyshwick that is not available in those big box discount stores. You no longer have to have the same few limited lighting fixtures as all of your friends and family in Canberra.

We can also advise you on different types of light bulbs to provide different desired effects in each type of modern lighting fixture. You may want a bright white light in a reading or office area, but something a little mellower and softer in a dining area. You may learn that that old light fixture with the directional bulbs is the reason that the guests that sit at the ends of your dining table are sitting in the long shadows of objects on the table. You can resolve that issue with some new modern lighting in Canberra that provides 360 degrees of light and has a greater spread or distance between the bulbs.

The Trend Toward Pendant Lighting in Fyshwick

The new hot trend is to replace surface mounted fixtures with pendant lighting in Fyshwick. Rather than those boring old surface mounted lights that are reasonably invisible and nondescript, tastefully detailed pendant lighting becomes an exciting design feature to the room. Rather than the lighting just illuminating the interior décor, why not have new modern lighting be a show-stopping part of the design? When is the last time anyone even noticed your old lighting or made a comment as soon as they walked into a room “Wow, I love those light fixtures!”

We Will Help You Choose Your Modern Lighting

You now understand that there is more to lighting than just picking out a fixture from some huge display that you like. When you install new modern lighting in Canberra, you need to consider the lighting needs for the use of the room, the overall layout of the room including dimensions and ceiling height, and your personal style. For example, if you have high cathedral ceilings, pendant lighting might be perfect. However, if you have low ceilings and a particularly tall family, some other form of modern lighting might be more appropriate.

We can help you select the right lights for your design. If you’re looking for more than just lights, our experienced staff can help you create a customised package that meets all your design needs. You can also meet with an interior designer, who will help you with the concept for your design project.

Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics has all your lighting needs covered. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating a commercial building, we can help you create the perfect look, feel, and mood. Contact us.

With the power to guide your gaze from the floor upwards to explore the rest of a beautifully decorated room, well-placed and eye-catching lighting can encourage your guests to see a room as a whole. Whether you have a chandelier suspended like a masterpiece from the ceiling, a hand-blown Italian glass light fixture in the centre of the room, clean and modern flush mount wall lights or energy-efficient LED downlights in the kitchen, the possibilities for illuminating your space are endless. With an extensive range of exterior and interior lighting fixtures, Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics is the place to go for lighting in Australia.

Your new favourite modern lighting store

With a range of lighting solutions from both local and internationally famous brands, we have quality and exclusive lighting products that you won’t find at any other lighting stores.

From helping you choose the right bulb to create a specific mood to suggesting a range of fixtures that will suit your home decor and lighting requirements, our team will be with you every step of the way. While a bright white light is perfect for a reading or office area, something a little softer is appropriate for a dining area. And when it comes to helping our clients choose light fixtures, we consider so much more than just lighting the room — we focus on making modern lighting become a show-stopping part of your interior design.

The place to go for lighting in Australia

Considering the lighting needs of your room, the overall layout, including dimensions, ceiling height and your personal style, Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics is unlike any other lighting shop you’ve worked with before. Our service is completely personal, and our team can even create a customised lighting package to help you create your envisioned look, feel and mood.

Since 1978, Cirillo has established itself as one of the premier lighting stores in Canberra, boasting lights that can illuminate and set the atmosphere of any space with elegance and sophistication. Our products are carefully curated from world-renowned manufacturers to deliver you nothing but premium-quality fixtures.

Browse through our online lighting store in Canberra today and give us a call to book your appointment in our showroom to see our lights up close. Apart from lighting, we also carry an array of exquisite tiles, bathroomware, tapware and more. If you need a designer to help you conceptualise the design of your custom home or renovation, reach out to us — we’d love to help you out.

For more information about our range of fixtures or to get in touch with our experts, please don’t hesitate to call our Fyshwick lighting store on (02) 6280 4377 today.


Where are the Cirillo lighting stores located?

If you’re searching for “lighting stores near me”, look no further than the Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics showrooms in Canberra. While you can find our entire range of lighting online in Australia, our two showrooms are located at 173 Gladstone Street, Fyshwick, ACT and 2/3 Pelle Street, Mitchell, ACT.

What kinds of lighting fixtures does Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics stock?

With a full range of home lighting, you’ll be able to find modern lighting solutions for both the inside and outside of your home. From hanging pendant lights to wall fixtures, ceiling lights, various lamps and even unique architectural lighting, you’ll find the perfect fixture to illuminate your room and set an ideal mood.

Are there specific lighting fixtures that look better in certain rooms?

While there are a few general rules of thumb when it comes to choosing lighting fixtures, the perfect fixture will depend on various factors, including the dimensions of the room, the height of the ceiling and the intended purpose of the space. However, if you have high cathedral ceilings, hanging pendant lighting fixtures tend to work well, and if you have low ceilings, some other form of modern lighting might be more appropriate.

Why should I choose Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics as my go-to lighting store in Australia?

Passionate about high-quality and modern lighting solutions, Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics only stocks the most beautiful products from all around the world. You can rely on us not only for the latest designs and high-quality fixtures but also for world-class service that goes above and beyond to consider your existing and envisioned decor and architecture situation. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating a commercial building, we can help you create the space you desire with modern home lighting.