Penny Round Tiles

Penny Round Tiles

Penny round tiles have to be one of the most popular trends that have taken over the tile industry in the last couple of years. These tiles are the perfect alternative to traditional square or hexagonal mosaics for features in bathrooms, kitchens, laundries or any other space you might tile.

Penny tiles add texture and a subtle flamboyance to any design. If you pair the Penny rounds with any contrasting grout – like white grout framing black penny round tiles – it will create a graphic and bold statement.

Marble penny round mosaic tiles and the marble look porcelain range are an extremely popular choice for luxury bathrooms and kitchens, without the luxury price tag attached.

The level of detail that the penny round provides is the perfect partner for gold tapware and accessories to create a bang on trend bathroom or kitchen. It is probably why you see that on popular renovation shows penny round tiles are featured quite heavily.

Choose penny round tiles to create elements of texture and a focal point in smaller spaces like powder rooms and small bathrooms without overwhelming or cluttering the area.

How to style penny round tiles

Penny round tiles are a popular choice for home decor and flooring. The small size of penny round tiles makes them perfect for small spaces, while the rounded edges give your space a softer feel. If you’re thinking about installing penny round tiles to style your home, here are some ideas on how you can use them:

Add around the bathroom tub or shower stall

Penny rounds are excellent for bathrooms, especially when placed in the shower niche or as an accent wall around the tub or shower stall. This will create a focal point in the bathroom, adding to its appeal.

Make more appealing outdoor shower flooring or walls

Penny tiles add texture and a subtle flamboyance to any big or small space. If you have a small space like an outdoor shower, then using penny round tiles is an excellent way of bringing some visual appeal into this otherwise austere space. In particular, marble penny round mosaic tiles would look great on the floor. It can also be used as an accent instead of covering the entire floor.

Create welcoming entryways and fireplaces

Use them in other parts of your home, such as entryways or fireplaces if you want to create a warm ambience with stone accents. 

Be creative with bathroom mosaics

Choose penny round tiles to create elements like a beautiful mosaic or simple borders around other tile patterns or designs. You can also use this as a mural on your bathroom walls by getting creative with colours and patterns.

Bring a touch of colours and patterns to your kitchen backsplash

Use penny round ceramic tiles for your kitchen backsplash and add a little fun to your food prep area. The level of detail that the penny round provides can instantly add a touch of colour and pattern to your kitchen design scheme.

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