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Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics has a vast range of toilets. Toilet designs and styles from the classic to the contemporary, with an array of design aesthetics of smooth curves and striking lines to suit your style.

Our range of toilets in Australia can also be matched with basins and bidets and other sanitary ware pieces so your bathroom can have that designer coordinated feel.

The Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics concept is all about supplying high quality products and renowned design. This is no different when it comes to our range of toilets. From classic, to contemporary, to designer toilets, we can help you find and buy toilets that are perfect for your bathroom space, existing plumbing, and style.

The right toilet for your unique bathroom design

Our current range of toilets can be easily matched to your existing bathroomware items or paired with our own range of high-quality basins and vanities, bidets and other bathroomware pieces to ensure consistency across your bathroom aesthetic.

Choose from a variety of ceramic toilet options: suite, wall-hung, or floor-mounted. Let’s discuss these different options.

  • Suite toilets — This is the most common style of toilet due to the cistern being directly on top of the toilet pan which means it is fully integrated, easy to install and clean.
  • Wall-hung toilets — This style of toilet is more discreet and stylish. Being mounted to the wall, this style takes up less space and can be installed at any height – making it disability-friendly.
  • Floor-mounted toilets — If your plumbing is connected through the floor, this style of toilet should definitely be a contender. Floor-mounted toilets are compatible with a wide variety of bathroom interior designs – both modern or traditional.

But first, plumbing

Whether you are planning to buy toilets for a new building or an existing bathroom, it is important to first consider your plumbing situation. The plumbing and the layout of your bathroom will have an impact on the toilets that will work in that space. Not all plumbing is set in stone – remember that existing plumbing can be changed (at an additional cost) to accommodate your preferred style of toilet.

High-quality toilets in Canberra

At Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics, we believe in helping our customers find something unique to suit their personal taste and unique space. We are passionate about well-designed, high-quality lights, tiles, and bathroomware. If you are looking for a one-stop shop for beautiful designs, visit one of our stores in Canberra or reach out to us online. We strive to provide excellent customer service and look forward to hearing how we can help you create the spaces you have always wanted.

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