Bathroom and kitchen tiles from a variety of mosaic tiles and other tiles in Fyshwick

You’re ready to ‘say’ something new. This past year has brought with it lots of changes in your life – including this beautiful craftsman style fixer-upper. Your new job, your new town and your new house are all different and new. It’s still you underneath all these changes, but it’s definitely an evolving version of you. And you want this house to say so!

Your dad sort of shook his head and chuckled when you tried to explain this idea to him. He pronounced that “a bathroom is just a bathroom”, but you disagreed. You tried to explain that your bathroom needed to demonstrate that it showed a resounding understanding of you – which made perfect sense to you if not to your dad!

Call on us for bathroom and kitchen tiles in Fyshwick and see your own aesthetic in your personalised design

At Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics we understand the value of your relationship to your home. This sanctuary should express your variant moods and joys. Our quality range of imported Italian tiles will help you toward this goal. As one of Canberra’s largest suppliers of premium tiles and other design features since 1978, we have built a growing business one relationship and aesthetic at a time.

Your style is unique to you. We can help you tap into that and then express it with beautiful mosaic tiles in Fyshwick. Our love for creativity is matched only by your own. We make a wonderful team when it comes to achieving your design style.

Find your design style when you select from tiles in Fyshwick

You’re ready to push your design style and somewhat conservative boundaries. This evolution is about expressing your creativity, your voice! Our mosaic tiles in Fyshwick can help you to achieve your new look. Our mosaics come in so many beautiful colours and textures and sizes. You will definitely find your ‘just right’ bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles in Fyshwick.

This fixer-upper is the beginning of a new life. As this renovation evolves you certainly will change with it. Our design goal is to assist you with implementing aesthetics that express many elements of your design style so that you will feel forever connected to the textiles and textures surrounding you.

For many of us, our sense of self is at least in part rooted in the walls of our homes. To this end, we find parts of our identity and creativity in our landscape also. Your dad or others may chuckle when you try to explain the value of seeing yourself in your walls and your tiles, for example. But we know exactly what you’re attempting to create: A home that reflects your person.

When you call on us, we will embark on a relationship together, creatively and fondly discovering parts of you as-yet-unknown, and even rediscovering those elements that brought joy to your childhood whimsy.

The result will be a home that speaks your name throughout its design. Yes: this includes your bathroom, which will resoundingly call out its understanding of who you are! Even your dad will be impressed.