Tile Shops around Fyshwick: Where to Buy Ceramic and Outdoor Tiles

There are many tile shops near Fyshwick. But there is one that has been providing a quality range of products at affordable prices since 1978, Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics. We have provided tile and design services to your friends and neighbours for years and have earned our reputation for quality service one customer at a time.

We are passionate about the layout and design of stunning outdoor spaces using outdoor tiles in the Fyshwick area. Whether you are considering a design element for your home or business, rather than the same old concrete or paver design, why not consider something different, outdoor tiles.

You may prefer the nice warm look of terra cotta or something trendy and colourful. We will provide you with ideas and photos of various designs and patterns that will provide that “Wow” factor to your outdoor space. Some homeowners choose different outdoor tiles to delineate between different areas of their outdoor living spaces. We might suggest a playful, colourful outdoor tile in a seashell pattern near a swimming pool with something more elegant and classic near an outdoor bar or dining area. Those choices could be complemented with large terra cotta tiles surrounding a fire pit or fireplace area to give that warm, cosy feel.

Add Ceramic Tiles to Your Fyshwick Home

If you are considering ceramic tiles for your Fyshwick kitchen or bath remodel or new construction, we offer a large selection of tile in all shapes, sizes and colours. Many homeowners enter tile shops in Fyshwick with a basic idea of what colour tile they are considering. Once they enter our shop, we open a whole new world of patterns, inlays and tile design features that they did not even know were possible.

We will listen to your ideas and preferences, and then show you some designs and styles of ceramic tiles that we think you may like. We can then add or subtract different features such as inlays, different grout colours or textures, tile walls, borders and complementary or contrasting layouts. Once we come up with a design or concept that you like, we then make subtle changes to eventually come up with the perfect design. Some have described this final narrowing process as being similar to an eye exam, with each choice you can decide “Better or Worse.”

Advantages Over Other Tile Shops in Fyshwick

Aside from our passion and experience, the main advantage that we have over other tile shops near Fyshwick is that we offer one stop shopping. We provide lighting fixtures of all types and tap elements. You can see how all of your design fixtures will look together, which often provides a more coordinated and thematic finished product. There are few things more disheartening than finally finishing the renovation of your dreams and then feeling somewhat unfulfilled because the tap or lighting doesn’t seem to fit in with the tile selection. Our attention to detail will not allow that to happen.