Natural Stone Tiles

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If you’re after a unique looking surface that has the potential to add zeros to the value of your property, then look no further than the addition of natural stone tiles.  

Always a popular choice within the design industry for their uniquely textured look, natural stone tiles work well across a range of rooms and aesthetics.  

Browse Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics’ full range of natural stone tiles in stock.  Whether it’s a marble tile, limestone, or a more hardy bluestone, our range is varied and diverse.

Stone Tile Bathrooms

Who says that bathrooms have to be dull spaces in the house?  With a beautiful stone tile bathroom, it can be instantly transformed into one of the key feature rooms within your property.

By using natural stone tiles in your bathroom, you can artificially make the room seem bigger than it is.  While this is, of course, an optical illusion, the right set of natural stone tiles to offset the main features such as the shower or sink can instantly add luxury and a feeling of having a bigger bathroom.

Choosing the right tiles for your specific space is key, so browse our diverse selection of natural stone tiles and be sure to check out our bathroom ware section for further inspiration.

Buying Natural Stone Tiles in Australia

Whether you’re renovating an old room or starting from scratch inside a brand new home, Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics has a solution for you.  

We source our range of natural stone tiles from leading global manufacturers and offer our customers unrivalled quality.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to immediately speak to an expert.  Alternatively, if you’re in Canberra or Fyshwick, why not drop into our showrooms and view our range of natural stone tiles to get a sense of their stunning aesthetic yourself.

  • LCENS6048 – Carrara Marble Tile

  • LCENS6017 – Marble Tile

  • LCENS6009 – Manyana Limestone Tile

  • LCENS6005 – Grey Limestone Tile

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  • Natural Stone Tiles -MarMarfil

  • Natural Stone Tiles -MarStat

  • Natural Stone Tiles -MarCarrara

  • Natural Stone Tiles – Limestone

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