Our Story

In 1978 Canberra was a very different city and so was our business. Back then we were operating out of our family garage providing families and local builders with a select but quality range of tiles. As Canberra grew so did we. We witnessed an amazing evolution of our nation’s capital and saw our backyard business turn into a major retail and wholesale operation. We have evolved and become a place you come to when you want to create something unique. Our team is passionate about high quality products and beautiful design, and we work with our customers to select excellent tiles, lights, bathroom ware and kitchen appliances.

Our humble beginnings were built on this simple premise:

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten

Benjamin Franklin

Our growth and success meant that we had the privilege of being involved with supplying products for the development of the Canberra International Airport, embassies, hotels and Parliament House. We have come far because we have worked hard for almost four decades towards a vision that is grounded on our strong family values. Now we are building up our network further by offering franchise opportunities to hard-working, honest, business-minded people with a passion for the industry.

Our Values


Look after your family, be true to yourself and stay true to your vision. Commitment creates opportunity.


We believe that you pay for what you get and we are committed to offering quality products. It is not about getting the cheapest price.

Customer Service

For us, this is about building relationships and keeping our word. We work with customers and talk about their needs. It is not always about making the sale. We will stay back after hours and go the extra mile to help make something unique.

Innovation and Creativity

This is important to us and we have over time grown to offer expertise around design, architecture, construction and project management. We offer a holistic service.

Environmental Sustainability

At Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics we believe that actions to improve sustainability are both individual and collective endeavours across communities. We know that our industry has an important role to play to improve the sustainability of our environment now and for the future.

This is why Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics support suppliers that adhere to the manufacturing of recycled materials and those that produce eco-sustainable products that help to improve the quality and safety of our families for generations to come. Some of our suppliers use on site treated recycled water, are EU Ecolabel certified and actively contribute to the conservation of the environment in their areas.

We also continually source the latest environmentally friendly products from Australia and around the world. Our aim is to offer you and your family products that will help reduce your carbon footprint. As a family owned and operated business we know the value and importance of caring for your family now and for future generations to come.