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Lighting that purifies the air

Luminaries that aid with air filtration? Seems impossible doesn’t it? Not with Buzzi & Buzzi’s range of lighting that uses AirCoral technology.Image via supplierImported from Italy by Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics, Buzzi & Buzzi’s range of AirCoral lighting products create healthy and purified spaces. AirCoral, is an innovative patented material…
July 10, 2017
Designer Style GuideProduct Spotlight

An exclusive funnel of light

Funnel is a suspended light designed by the renowned Italian architect Fabio Rotella. As the name suggests, this light reflects the design of the product.Image via supplierThis funnel of light has an elegant clean design, which is perfect to enhance spaces with refined simplicity.Image via supplierThe contemporary design has soft…
October 31, 2016
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Ideas for a modern Mediterranean style in your home

The bold romance of the Mediterranean evokes images of sparkling blue waters and colourful coastlines. The homes that line the Mediterranean are rich with rustic textures and finishes that create a style that is casual and low maintenance. The earthy bold colours used emphasising a low key sense of luxury. Try these key elements if you're…
September 20, 2016
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Layer your living room with lighting

Need ideas when it comes to revamping your living room lighting? Think about layering and creating different features with different light types. We show you how to experiment with a mix of wall lights, pendants and lamps.The same way that furniture, fabric and decorative accents create interest, texture and depth…
August 15, 2016