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At Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics we always strive to bring you the latest designs and innovative products for your space.

We want to offer our customers, interior designers and architects unique products which enhance the environment they want to create or change by offering products that no one else can.

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The Buzzi & Buzzi Difference

Exclusive to Canberra and the first in Australia, we provide Buzzi & Buzzi Lighting design products. We offer a wide range of Buzzi & Buzzi luminaires including products that use their patented technology that improves the environment and space of the areas that the products are installed.

The company are at the forefront of technical innovation and design. Founded in 1990, Buzzi & Buzzi recognize the importance of design and have established themselves internationally as a company that focuses on modern trends, technical performance and total recessed lighting products.

Buzzi & Buzzi combines technology and design to create new concepts of light, resulting in objects that are different from an aesthetic, functional and technical point of view.

Buzzi & Buzzi utilises materials like no other company to offer architectural lighting solutions that reproduces the green action in architectural spaces.

The Coral® range is an innovative material combining good design with natural and technical ingredients. The result is lighting appliances that are pure, fluid and resistant to high temperatures and thermal shock.

AirCoral® is a relatively new material that is characterised by its eco-active, anti-polluting and anti-bacterial properties that effectively improves the quality of life. It is also known as the ‘light that purifies the air’.

Coral WaterOut® is a material that is highly resistant to water penetration, which makes it ideal for use in external environments and ideal for light systems where water and humidity restrict the choice of technical lighting.

DurCoral® is an external lighting solution that is twice as hard as cement and can be treated with any type of paint or finish.

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Exclusive Lighting Canberra
Exclusive Lighting Canberra

The Panzeri Difference

Also Exclusive to Canberra is Lighting solutions from Panzeri. Another Italian based company whose identity is embedded in the quality, tradition and innovation of their products

Panzeri have been producing lighting fixtures for over 65 years and sell their products in the most exclusive places all over the world. Their products are manufactured with attention to detail and are designed to illuminate indoor and outdoor spaces with stylish solutions.

Panzeri lighting products are the ideal choice of Architects, Interior Designers and creatives who strive for quality illumination in private and public spaces. You can view the range of Panzeri Lighting here.

exclusive lighting canberra
exclusive lighting